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The Red (Kokowai) Tapu Marker at Whangamata #3.

TE WAKA HIHIRI BLOG 14/07/2023 E aku nui – he mihi mahana ki a koutou, i tenei rā makariri. Whaitaima has reminded me that it has been a while since I posted anything, so – anei. Things have been proceeding at their own pace, with regards the mahi of our collective and where we are at with our various projects. Firstly – if you are a radio listener, there will be opportunities to tune into a ‘Country Life’ episode featuring a Taupo moana Record Keepers Opepe walk with Sally Round. Otherwise, go to this link RNZ website, where it can be listened to also. Unfortunately, when our TWH collective went to Opepe, there were too many of us in the group to go to the whare kūtoro featured in the ‘Country Life’ episode - but I hope that those who took part in that walk enjoyed what Perry had to say. Sally is keen to make further episodes about other places of cultural heritage interest with us, as are we – so we shall see what unfolds from here. Recently we spent the day at a Maori Rock-Art Conference in Hamilton where we were able to connect with one hundred iwi cultural heritage monitors and archaeologists from Northland all the way down to Dunedin. Two particular iwi monitors had stories of successfully protecting their wāhi tapu, however on a national level similar stories of the desecration of sensitive sites, the wilful destruction of cultural features and recent modifications made to 'old time Maori settlements' was the norm. Inevitably this is leading to the true cultural heritage of ancient māori history being erased from existence. Perry, Whaitaima & I are still focussing on making a Taupō Moana Record Keepers Cultural Heritage assessment of the Hinemaiaia with support from the hapu – we hear about our Manawa Energy Funding application soon. As a recently appointed Trustee for Whangamatā #3, Whaitaima has been prompted by hapu kaumatua who nominated her, to attend to the unregulated rock-climbing activities along the Whangamata peninsula. Initially, they (the Whangamatā Trust) are looking at altering some climbing routes that are too near to kokowai daubs and a kokowai flag (Tapu Marker), that Michael and Anthea have been helping us with. Thank you for your mātauranga and helping Whaitaima establish comms with the rock-climbing fraternity, via Ed ACAT. The next step is making a small palisade at the base of the cliff, to close the route to climbers that could aptly be called ‘Old crematorium flue’. Ka piki te ora e hoa mā, Jeffrey We have a new web-site domain that incorporates our archival work with Taupō-moana Record Keepers – There’s only one number’s difference between the old and the new domain name – Record Keeper videos from 2021 & 2022 can be viewed here. ADDISON TEWHARE TOI@addisontewharetoi6843!

Another tapu marker (Painted in Kokowai - red ochre) denoting a Wāhi tapu that can only be seen from The moana. Image taken from a Maori Rock-Art presentation by Dr Gerard O'Regan at a Maori rock-Art archaeology conference in Hamilton 08.07.2023

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